Saturday, October 6, 2012

Free motion quilting

My free-motion quilting foot finally arrived today. AND I figured out that the machine my sister passed on to me has a switch to keep the feet dogs down. It's a babylock 6200 and I don't have the manual to it. I was looking online for anything that had to do with a feed dog cover. And couldn't find anything. I had looked on my machine and didn't see a switch either. Until I looked at the back today. Woohoo! I told my husband all my problems were solved. Then he inserted "about my sewing machine". Yeah yeah....

Luckily I saw this video below on youtube earlier before I purchased my foot and it gave me hope 
that even if I got a kind that didn't work well with my machine, there were ways to fix that.

So now I'm adjusting to working with it. I think I will make the modifications that the lady in the  video makes. It is NOISY otherwise! If you are new to free motion quilting or want to get into free motion quilting, her videos look like a good start.

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