Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mod podge kid's clock

This next is one of my favorite turning out crafts. A few years ago (yes I have done more recent crafts...wait...have I?) my son had destroyed a Richard Scarry library book. ARG! And then later I tore it up more (good example huh?) and mod podged it onto a clock we had.

 I'm not sure the glass part came apart so I protected it with some paper from getting mod podge on it. And below is the result. My husband even said it turned out better than he thought it would. Wait, what does he mean by that!
I paired the clock with a mod podged picture frame for a very cool Richard Scarry theme.

If you have old loved children's books that are falling apart, don't despair. Reuse it. And let it last longer! I only wish it was out of storage states away. I'd also suggest going to thrift stores and finding the perfect book to tear apart. Think of the possibilities. Winnie the Pooh decor? Oooh Pixar movie decor? Too bad I was just at the thrift store yesterday and didn't think to get any books to use for crafting!

And here's the frame I did. I put in some red paper too to add some border to my black and white photos of my hubby and my son.


  1. This is so cute! I love Richard Scarry! Great re-use of a broken library book!

  2. Love this idea. I work with a 4 year old class, and they regularly destroy books. Can't wait to repurpose them!

    1. Thank you Joey! Just don't let them know right? ...it might encourage them!